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January 21, 20200


Why I love the Konnector?  If you are new to pilates you don’t understand why I am so in love with our reformer ropes.  If you have come to Forza Pilates and have never worked on the Pilates equipment you might not have anything to compare it to.  Next time you go on vacation and “pop” into a pilates studio that looks similar, you might leave feeling confused. The studio has the same looking reformers to the naked eye but the first time you put your feet in straps you are feeling a little frustrated.  You ask yourself “Why are my straps uneven?” or “Why can’t I move my legs independently?”  The answer to that question is simply…The Konnector.  Forza Pilates has Konnector Lite ropes on most of our reformers and one reformer has the full Konnector system.  Initially, I changed our Studio reformer ropes to the Konnector Lites because I was tired of uneven ropes.  The amount of time it took to shorten and lengthen and even out a rope triggered my OCD.  Although, this completely eliminated the rope annoyance (not my OCD) it also opened up an entire new series of exercises and experiences.  I find myself talking to other pilates teachers and saying “Oh, you have the old straps, thats too bad”.  I am not a snob but I could become one over these ropes.  Check out a couple of these videos or better yet…get the Free Week and come try it yourself.


November 5, 20180

In the world of physical health, Pilates in Colorado Springs is one of the most popular trends of the 21st century. Less than one-hundred years ago, Joseph Pilates created a series of disciplined exercises that rely on the body’s own limitations and weight. The control and precision of the movements have lasting benefits, even more so when mixed with physical therapy.

Colorado Springs Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

While traditional Pilates is generally aimed towards healthy individuals, Pilates-Based Physical Therapy is geared toward those who need healing from injuries. In fact, the practice of adding Pilates to physical therapy is expanding. The ability to utilize holistic healing techniques rather than concentrating on the source of discomfort or injury is a benefit of Pilates-Based Physical Therapy. This form of therapy also helps heal and correct issues with posture, movement patterns and/or gait that can be causing discomfort and pain or delaying the healing process.

Difference Between Pilates-Based Physical Therapy and Traditional Physical Therapy

While all forms of physical therapy are beneficial, the difference is that Pilates-Based Physical Therapy combines traditional techniques of Colorado Springs Pilates with different modalities of traditional physical therapy. Some differences include:

  • Pilates-Based Physical Therapy can be accomplished anywhere there is Pilates equipment, such as a Pilates studio and does not require unusual or expensive physical therapy devices.
  • Pilates-Based Physical Therapy and traditional Pilates exercises are accomplished in sock/bare feet with loose, comfortable clothing to provide comfort to the patient.
  • Pilates-Based Physical Therapy patients control their movements and education, resulting in notable gains in strength and flexibility that outlasts traditional forms of physical therapy.

Pilates CO for Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

The benefits of Pilates are numerous and when combined with physical therapy they are endless. Before embarking on a journey of Palates-Based Physical Therapy, be sure to discuss this with your doctor or physical therapist and check with Google for “Pilates near me” for a Pilates studio in Colorado Springs.