Our Story

Forza Pilates is a Contemporary Balanced Body studio located in the Polaris Pointe Shopping Center. We are South of Northgate Blvd off  Voyager Parkway. We are a fully equipped studio with Balanced Body wood Reformers (yes, the high quality ones), Exo Chairs, Springboards (with push through attachments) and Pilates arcs. We are also a host site for Balanced Body Education. All of our instructors are PMA Certified or PMA Eligible (approved to sit for the exam but awaiting a test date). We have a traditional approach to Pilates (as close to the original “Joseph Pilates” exercises as possible) while implementing Balanced Body’s unique movement principles (thus why we are considered “Contemporary”).

What you should expect when taking classes at Forza Pilates, is a fun, brisk paced, breath oriented, meticulously instructed class. We like to let you move.

We do not expect you to be a perfect mover, who is?  We will give you the time and space you need to improve.  We do however, have high expectations for our students. You will not be stuck in a beginner level mentality year after year.  We believe “You can do hard things”.  Practicing the discipline of Pilates will prepare you to handle the hard things in everyday life.  Forza Pilates’ mission is to serve God and our Colorado Springs community through physical fitness. We want to serve you and hopefully motivate and equip you to serve others.   Are your ready? Redeem your FREE week HERE!.  Once you have redeemed your FREE week, BOOK your classes.  We look forward to seeing you in class. 


Better posture
Fewer aches and pains (Did you know that if you learn to breathe properly, most of your pain would go away?)
Better sleep
Long and Lean muscle development (not short and bulky)
Increased energy
Improved athletic performance
Injury prevention
Bone density
Core strength (we are not talking just abs here)
Dynamic flexibility (the fun way to stretch is when you don’t even know you are doing it.)

“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.“
~Joseph Pilates~


You are only as old as your spine is young. Pilates training 2-3 times a week is the key to increase bone density, spinal strength and mobility.


Spine Strength is the key to good posture.


Spine strength and good posture will ultimately result in balanced muscle development.


All of our Pilates Instructors are Pilates Method Alliance Certified or are Pilates Method Alliance Eligible.  Each instructor, having 500+ hours of training, brings with them a knowledge and a passion for the incredible work that Joseph Pilates created years ago.


Kathleen Pastorello

Kathleen has been teaching in the fitness industry since the early 1990’s. In 2000, she moved to Colorado Springs with her husband and their two-year old daughter. Kathleen was introduced to Pilates and Yoga shortly after her move and soon became trained in both methods. She was trained by Michele Larsson in 2004 and Angelie Melzer in 2006. In 2013, Kathleen was chosen as a Faculty Teacher Trainer for Balanced Body and currently holds teacher trainings at Forza Pilates. Kathleen provides Forza Pilates as a Host Site for Balanced Body Education.

College Education: 1994 Graduate of Cal State University Long Beach Bachelors of Arts: Speech Communication

Certifications: Balanced Body Comprehensive 450 Hour, Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher, RYT 200 Hour Vinyasa Power through Corepower Yoga.


Reba Milodragovich

Reba is a Nurse by trade and an Air Force wife since 2008 when she married her husband David. Together they have 3 children who she has been a stay-at-home Mom to as they’ve moved around the country to finally settle down here in Colorado. Originally from Texas, this easy going Mama decided to find a passion that can work around her family life and her husbands flying schedule.

Her love for Pilates started in her early adulthood while having babies. Post children she began having flare ups of an Autoimmune Arthritis that runs in her family and that’s when her love for Pilates became a passion. She has been centering her focus on training this year with master trainer Kathleen and getting certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

“Seeing people hurt and in pain changes your perspective on growing older. I want people to come into the studio vulnerable and ready to concentrate on controlling their body. I love that Pilates can improve people’s lives and vitality!“


Stacie Converse

Stacie has been involved in athletics all her life. She is a former college basketball player and a youth basketball coach. She has been involved in the group fitness industry since the early 2000s. She moved to Colorado in 2003, with her husband Derek and their 2 daughters.

Stacie found Pilates in 2014 when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. At that time, she was able to see how Pilates healed the body and in February of 2017, after a running injury, she started practicing in her own body at the Forza studio, and was hooked! She started her instructor training shortly after in the summer of 2017.

Stacy completed her Balanced Body Comprehensive Teacher Training and became Pilates Method Alliance Certified (PMA-CPT) in 2018.

She has always wanted to help people, and now feels her journey is to share with others the amazing benefits of Pilates!


Melissa Chu

In 2014, while caring for her aging parents, Melissa started recognizing their physical limitations – lack of flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance. This was the catalyst for her ‘A-ha’ moment. Running long distance, boot camps, and flipping tires were not going to serve her well later in life! Thus began her quest to be kind to her body. Pilates was the answer! Melissa is crazy enough to believe that her passion for pilates can actually be used for a purpose in Colorado Springs. So, in 2015 she started her journey to turn her crazy notion into a reality. Since then she has completed the Balanced Body Comprehensive 450 Hour Pilates Instructor Training and is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher. Her focus is to inspire, educate and challenge others to be the best version of themselves.

In her spare time, powered by smoothies, endorphins, and God, Melissa is raising three little ladies to be world-changers with her husband Brian. When their family is not traveling the globe encouraging and equipping leaders in developing nations, you will find Melissa in flip-flops, ponytails and yoga pants – her ideal Pilates ‘uniform’.


Tyler Faith Shephard

Tyler was a competitive gymnast for 15 years, as well as a gymnastics coach for 5 years before becoming a Pilates instructor. She completed her Pilates teacher training in December of 2018 and has been teaching at Forza since. Originally from Birmingham, AL, she moved to Colorado Springs in 2013 and never looked back. In her free time, she loves traveling with her husband, Sean, and spending time with their two huskies, Dakota and Malaki. She is also a runner and a Disney lover.



Group equipment classes are fun and keep you motivated.  Class sizes range from 5-15 students and are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Mixed Equipment 3

A 50 min class using the Reformer, Chair, and Springboard. Balanced Muscle Develpment and Core Strength is the focus in Mixed Equipment classes.

Mixed Equipment 2

A 50 min class using the Studio Reformer, Springboard and Exo Chair. This class is suited for All level participants. Maximum 5 students. Registration is Required.

Forza Foundations

New to Pilates? Start here! Learn all the basic exercises and get acquainted with the equipment. Registration is required.

Reformer 4

A quick paced 50 minute Reformer only class.Reformer 4 is a blend of Comptemporary and Traditional exercises and is suited for those who are injury free and proficient on the Reformer equipment.